May 09, 2017

7 things about Morocco


In the last days I have been receiving so many questions about my trip to Morocco so I thought it would be helpful to share some tips for those planning to visit this amazing place soon. Here’s a list answering some questions I received:

What is a riad?

1- A riad is kind of a small hotel created from former palaces or typical Moroccan houses. All of them preserve Moroccan traditions in the decorations and it is like you are renting a room with a family, unless you stay at Royal Mansour, where you get your very own private riad.

How are the prices in Morocco?

2- In Morocco everything is negotiable and haggling is like a sport for the local people, so when you go to the market or even when taking a taxi you should never accept the first price you are offered. We paid overprice a couple of times in the beginning, but after some time we discovered the price level and asked for the taxi meter. A good idea is to investigate the prices a little before going, so you can be prepared for the many negotiations you will experience during your stay.

What should you wear in Morocco?

3- I received many questions about “what to wear” when in Morocco. Morocco is relatively conservative country with a culture deeply rooted in the Islamic religion, so it is important to respect this. I always arrive to new places with the mentality that “If I am visiting your house, I should respect your rules”. When walking in the city I tried to wear longer skirts and shirts with sleeves while my outfits in the riads/hotels were a little more relaxed with shorts, swimsuits, shorter skirts and dresses.

How are the temperatures in the desert?

4- In the desert temperature swings a lot between day and night. You can have +30 degrees Celsius during the day, but the nights are only around 15 degrees, so my advice is to bring a jacket and even a scarf for the night if you want to be outside to enjoy the stunning sky, full of bright stars.

How is the Moroccan food?

5- The Moroccan cuisine is absolutely delicious! It is full of spices and there are so many options for all tastes. If you are not so adventurous you can go for the many different kinds of traditional tagines and if you are adventurous, you can taste pigeons, snail soup or a head of lamb. If you want to be adventurous the Djema al-Fna market is where you find the exotic specialties, unfortunately we did not have time to try the snail soup! Hehe

What is the best way to pay there?

6- Morocco is not an advanced county when it comes to electronic payments, therefore it is good to either withdraw some local currency, the Dirham, or bring euros which are also accepted most places. If you insist on using credit cards for paying then you probably need to eat your meals at McDonalds and go to the bigger supermarkets, such as Carrefour, for your shopping needs.

How is it to walk around the city?

7- Walking around in the city can be a little tricky because the streets are small and there are walls everywhere, so make sure to bring a map if you don’t want to get lost. But remember, sometimes it is when you get lost you find the coolest things!

I hope these tips will help you a little. I tried to answer all the questions I received, but please let me know if you want to know anything else. And…Have a good trip to Morocco, it is definitely one of the most wonderful places I have been in my life! I am sure you guys will love it!

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