Oct 19, 2017

Buddha Bar Mykonos

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When we decided to travel to Mykonos, we of course started looking for nice places to visit and great restaurants to try and this quickly ended with us make a reservation at the cool Buddha Bar for our last night at the island. It is located on the magnificent Santa Marina with the most insane view of the Aegean Sea and this restaurant is definitely a must-visit place when you are enjoying the beautiful Mykonos island. The place has an amazing vibe with an exceptional fashion cuisine dominated by Mediterranean, Greek and Asian inspiration, nice summer cocktails and worldly known DJs. We arrived just in time to appreciate the last minutes of a beautiful sunset from our table. The colours of the sky were so poetic! Although we visited at the end of season, the atmosphere was great with a friendly and helpful staff and, they made our night so fantastic. We will definitely come back to visit during peak season!

For starters I went for the delicious cold appetizer Buddha-Bar tacos with seabass, tuna, salmon & beef and my husband chose some delicious crab cakes to go with a couple of inventive cocktails.

The main dishes could not be better and the best way to spice up our dinner was with some homemade green chicken curry with boiled jasmine rice while my husband decided to go for the shrimp dish. Mmmmm, I can almost still feel the taste in my mouth!

And to round off a perfect night we had these delicious desserts, cheesecake with seasonal red fruits and this amazing chocolate textures that we will never forget, another memorable moment was when we finished our dinner and walked down to see the beautiful beach and the hundreds of fish that were dancing under the stars just for us. Such a beautiful night!

Buddha Bar



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