Dec 03, 2017

Cappadocia dreaming


Ahhh! Traveling, I don’t know about you guys, but traveling makes me feel so alive, extra curious, extra happy, extra excited…it’s a mix of feelings that is difficult to describe. When your job allows you to travel as much as I do, I can only feel BLESSED. We create so many memories together and always have good stories to tell.

I feel that every time we travel I return as a new person, I guess it’s because I always try to bring something with me back, for example inspiring ideas, new experiences that I want to try again or simply a full energized soul.

In August we travelled to Cappadocia, Turkey, which was one of the BEST trips we ever had, even though we worked almost full time there. The reason? It’s just a place to fall in love with and not just because of the lovely hot air balloons, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, historical caves, but also the feeling of freedom that you really can feel there.

Today I share with you the BEAUTIFUL campaign we shot in the air, on the ground and everywhere in Cappadocia. We produced the Miss Lolla Cappadocia campaign, it was such a big success and I am so proud to be part of it and happy with the results. Here are some pictures:


Ah, if you have or work for a brand and would like to see your collection in one of our trips, say hi at

We are happy to make your dreams come true!


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