Mar 23, 2016

Cappuccino time!


This week is easter break in Copenhagen, so I am off from Fashion School and enjoying some sunny days in the city. I love to walk around in downtown, see people, the stores, and of course stop by a nice place to drink a warm cappuccino and read a magazine. I am still learning Danish, but I have to admit, I have a lot of fun reading in the language, because I already understand a lot (just not when people speak fast, ok? haha) and it helps me to learn more. So I have started reading Danish fashion magazines, which I love. Invited by Baresso Coffee, I went there to try some of their delicious things and I have to say, I love the place. It’s a great atmosphere with nice hot chocolates, coffees, muffins and cakes. So if you live in Copenhagen, go there and enjoy the Muffin month, and if you are coming to visit for Easter, you should definitely try the place. They are everywhere, in all areas of the city.




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