Oct 19, 2017

First Stop: Mykonos Princess Hotel

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Hello beautiful Greece!

It’s been a dream coming true to finally arrive in this fantastic place!

Before I start sharing experiences from our trip I need to tell you something: For some years now we have been talking about going to this beautiful place, but things always seemed to get in the way, but now it was the perfect time to visit!

We were extremely excited to see Greece and the amazing Aegean Sea and all I can tell you is that we were not disappointed!

We chose to go in the early Autumn for many reasons: We had other trips scheduled for summer, so we would not have time to go and spend a full week like we did, we wanted to enjoy it when the place was more quiet and of course, it is the perfect escape from the cold weather in Denmark, as in Greece the weather was still pretty warm, except for some days when the wind was a bit strong.

Our first stop was the beautiful Mykonos island and the Mykonos Princess Hotel was our home during our first days there.

The hotel is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the crystal-clear water of Agio Stefanos Mykonos beach. From the very moment we put our feet on Mykonos island, we were met by a guy from the hotel to pick us up with a very exclusive and personal service and the same is the case if you arrive in the airport. And well, as they say, a picture says better than thousand words, I will start by talking about the view you get from the hotel. It’s simply amazing! It’s like being in a movie. Our room view was insane and the blue water of the sea and a beautiful sunrise were the beautiful view that we had every single day.

The room has an enormous bathtub and these two balconies: a big one and a cute one in front of our bedroom, it was so nice that we didn’t even want to leave the room, but of course we went to the beach close by and to visit the cosy city. It’s so easy to go to the city from there: there are boats, taxis and you can even walk if you are adventurous and want to enjoy the beautiful views and discover the villages. We of course tried all the ways, exploring the island is a must!

The hotel restaurant was something else! We ordered “a la carte” and they brought this “instagrammy breakfast”, soooo delicious! I still get hungry every time I look at the pictures, because it was that good! Haha

The atmosphere in the hotel made us feel like high summertime, as the soundtrack was so fun and well, I will repeat myself: the view and the weather we had while drinking some champagne from our balcony: Fantastic!

The staff was so helpful and friendly and I love that the hotel cares about sustainability by being part of the non-profitable organization “clean hands”, which means Mykonos Princess participates in recycling and furthermore the Green Soap program collection, which promotes the reduction of the litter that end up in the Sanitary Landfill.

We are so thankful to Mykonos Princess for the warm welcome and amazing stay. They made our days in Mykonos memorable and full of happiness! We can’t wait to come back!

Mykonos Princess



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