Jun 21, 2016

Getting perfect summer blonde


If there is something that I LOVE it is getting my hair done! And when you do this with the right person and in the right place that’s like the best thing. If you follow me on instagram and snapchat you probably saw that friday I went to Gun-Britt Coiffure to continue my treatments in order to get the perfect blonde hair and of course to get ready for summertime! Yes, summer finally has arrived in Denmark and it’s amazing! Gun-Britt Coiffure is definitely the best place to get the perfect hair color and most trendy haircut.

Estella Berre is a fantastic hairdresser, as I told you in my last posts about my hair. She is very careful with everything, which makes her work completely perfect. Plus, she is always in a very good mood and we always have a lot of fun during the hours it takes to prepare the hair. It’s so nice when you trust 100% in your hairdresser, right?

She told me that after I started using my new products (Click here to see), my hair got so much healthier and with a nice texture and volume. And it’s so true, the products are perfect to take care of my hair at home until my next visit in the saloon.

Again, we tried to get the closest color to white blonde and we definitely got it! For a perfect treatment, we used Olaplex, which I have talked about in this post here.

And that’s my hair ready for summer, I am soo happy with the result! I am actually spechless!




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