Apr 11, 2017

Green mood

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Those who know me will tell you that I am always ready to meet new people. I am a communicator as well as a talker, so when Isabel Nao, a sweet and talented photographer from Switzerland, contacted me and told she was coming to Copenhagen, I didn’t think twice before agreeing to meet. We had such a nice time together with good talks and good cups of tea, always nice right? We also shot some pictures on a beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen. As you can see in the pictures, Isabel is very good at taking pictures, both cool street style pictures and amazing landscape pictures, but I will let you see for yourself (click here to see Isabels work). My outfit for the day was in the greenery mood because I am so into the color of the year (you will definitely see this in the next posts), plus it is a good choice for the bright and happy days of spring. I matched my beautiful green bag from Twinset with this cool coat and leopard dress from Second Female. I love the combination, it is eye-catching, stylish and really everything except boring. Perfect for the new season, huh?


Dress – Second Female

Undertop – Vintage

Tights – Sneaky Fox

Coat – Vintage

Boots – Forever 21

Bag – Twin Set

Bracelets and ring – Pilgrim

Sunglasses – Monki




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