Aug 17, 2017

Hair Extensions

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In the last posts I have talked about my new hair colour and so on, right?

Now I will give you some good news, I took care of my colour and hair healthy, then it was time to try something totally new for me, hair extensions. In the latest months, I have been feeling that I lost a bit of hair, and this could be happening for many reasons: stress, bad sleep, hormones, the water that we use to wash the hair in Denmark, the very blond colour.

So in the next weeks/days I will produce a fashion campaign, where I will need this long/mermaid hair and it is the perfect reason to try my very first extensions, so I did it!

I found the sweet and talented Mette (Strudss Extensions), she has been doing extensions for several years, so she really knows what is best for you: she tests colour, length and everything else to give you the perfect look.

Mette applies the extensions with the braiding method, where she makes a thin braid (that will be covered by your hair), and sewn the hair extensions there, in this way you will have beautiful and long hair without the fear of your hair falling off.

It took around 2 hours to apply the extensions, and Mette is so professional and fast. And guys, I have to say when I saw the final result I was: OMG! Is that really me?

I got this long and beautiful hair, like a mermaid, exactly like I dreamt for my campaign! This is like a big boost for your self-esteem, the hair is one of the most important things for a woman, so getting this beautiful long (I LOVE long hair) made me feel so good. As a bonus, it is perfect while you wait for your own hair to grow to avoid many months’ of waiting until you have long hair again.

If you are thinking about getting extensions, I highly recommend Mette, she has the best method for your extensions, she uses the best kind of hair and she is so talented, you will see how perfect her work is, trust me. I am so, so happy about my new hair and can’t wait to show you more and more pictures.


Strudss Extensions

Mette – Instagram

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