Hi everybody! I am Joicy Muniz! I was born in Brazil but I live in Copenhagen for almost a decade now. I am a Fashion Journalist and Sustainable Fashion designer and in these years I am expanding my knowledge working with Image Consultancy, PR and Marketing in Copenhagen.

On my blog I share my days, ideas, tastes, outfits and my trips around the world. I am a very passionate person, so everything you see on this blog is made with a lot of love and shows how I truly feel. I am crazy about music and I am frequently in music festivals as music inspires me in all the ways.

If I could choose a decade to live in it would be either the 60’s or 70’s. The Beatles, The Doors, Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop and David Bowie are some of my biggest inspirations. I love to relate fashion and music, so you will see this combination a lot on this blog. I LOVE taking pictures and I am a very curious person therefore I enjoy travelling so I can discover new things and cultures in order to get my inspiration and passion stimulated.

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy the trip!