Jul 08, 2019

Mockberg by Joicy Muniz


I have designed a limited edition collection with Mockberg! Yay!

I have always believed that style is not something that you can force but it is something that needs to come from inside and reflect who you are as a person and the experiences you have had throughout your life.

The things you live, see and dream shape the person you are. I am naturally from Brazil and have been shaped by the country’s unique culture, but I feel that I have really embrace the Danish culture and especially the fashion and design.

When I was asked to design a limited collection for Mockberg I was of course very excited and immediately said yes! Right after I started thinking about what should be my inspiration for the mini collection, but it quickly became apparent that there was one source of inspiration that I needed to use: Travelling!

Since I was a little girl I have dreaming about traveling the world. Today, I am lucky enough to this together with my soulmate and my secret little message with these designs is to encourage people to jump out in the new parts of the world without thinking, but with a lot of passion and curiosity, because I believe that we are the stories we live. And the reason why I travel is to always learn new stories.

The watch is a timeless piece that matches perfectly with the bracelet and is a reminder that you can go wherever you want. You only need time and a passport. So my question is… where are you going next? 

Ps: A big thanks to the Mockberg team for giving me the opportunity to design my own watch and bracelet. It has been a lot of fun and very inspiring to work with such talented and creative people.

Click here to get your Watch and Bracelet.

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