Jul 04, 2017

Night out!


Taking pictures in the night is something I always wanted to do. In a cool collaboration with the talented photographer Aslak Domsten we made some great photoshoots in Copenhagen and one of them was obviously in the night. I have to admit that I love the results, the pictures are so cool and the lights of the city are just awesome!

My outfit is a mix of “glam and street”, as I mixed the oversized jeans jacket with a sequins dress and bag. I really love to play with different styles, it makes things more fun, creative and they turn out in a way that you didn’t expect. If you ask me if this is allowed in fashion, I will tell you: It is! There are no rules in fashion but one: feel good and be creative!


Jacket – Vintage

Dress- Karen by Simonsen

Bag- Beck Sondergaard

Pictures: Aslak Domsten

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