Jun 24, 2017

Sustainable Fashion Designer! Yay!

Hey my beautiful readers!

I  am finally back! After our last trip I kind of decided to focus like I never did on my final project for school. So of course this consumed a lot of my time…but all I can say to you is: every second was worth it!

For you guys to understand: This week I graduated my degree AP in Sustainable Fashion Design and as bonus I got the lovely surprise of being awarded for Best Academic Performance. It was very surprising, but so beautiful to hear those amazing words about my creativity, positivity and not least how I improved during the course (and I would say the last months were so important for me). The two years taught me so many things, not just practical things like making drawings or creating a piece of clothing but also that there is always something new to learn and it’s never too late to begin a new journey. People can inspire you more than you think and if you follow the simple rule of surrounding yourself with positive people everything will turn out the way you want. I really learned that when you start having fun and have a positive mind, you truly have power, power to change your world, your life and the world of others. So that’s my takeaway from the last years: Believe in yourself and always be positive. 

My final project was an idea collection inspired by my beautiful Brazil. It was with a lot of passion that I designed the prints for my collection “The Three Corners of Brazil”, illustrating the diversity in Brazil with forests, waves and warm places in this amazing country.



I am so grateful for everything that I have learned during these two years. I would like to thank each person that has helped me in some way, especially my beloved husband for all the support in every single moment. Also, my amazing family and friends, my fellow students that were so nice during this journey together. Last but not least, my supervisor Mette Kocmick, she was such an inspiring teacher and motivated me to put all my power and effort in this project.  She had an amazing power to inspire me and make me want to do better. As they say, work hard pays off.

And now let’s celebrate because summer is here!!!
It is beautiful to be done!❤

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