Jun 10, 2023

The coolest Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo

After some amazing days in Kyoto, we felt renewed and were ready to go back to Shinjuku to feel the buzz of this very vibrant area. Our next home was the Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo where we had a beautiful and spacious suite on the 13th floor with a nice view of the city and Yoyogi Park.  

Since we were very relaxed after Kyoto, we thought it was a good day to have some drinks in the roof top bar of the hotel. We met with lovely Yumeko (Kimpton´s Marketing Director) and had some good and fun talks about all kinds of things, from the Japanese culture, the difference between cities in Japan, recommendations for vintage stores and many other subjects. The talks were accompanied with a couple of glasses of champagne and a few delicious drinks – the night was beginning to come alive. After the drinks, we had some nice sushi for dinner and still had a bit of energy left, so there was only one thing to do: Go for Karaoke!  

Karaoke is, as most people know, very popular in Japan and there are many places and chains around Tokyo where you typically book a private room with friends. We found one in the Shinjuku area. I have always thought that karaoke is super fun, so I was very excited when we had booked our room, ordered a drink and were ready to display our talents. We had a very fun time and thought we were hitting all the notes, but I am pretty sure that that was not actually the case!  

The next day, the weather suddenly had change for the better, so we were blessed with a very sunny day and 25 degrees. When we went for breakfast, we were very happy to discover that Kimpton has a very nice outdoor terrace (at District) where we could sit in the sun. To make things even better, they had acaí on the menu, so the choice was already made for me!  

After breakfast, we went to TeamLabs, which is a museum where you really get your senses stimulated. It is located a bit outside the main part of the city, but it was worth the trip, and we had a great experience there. From there, we went to see the Ginza area that is known for its shopping and huge flagship stores of the biggest brands, which is always fun to see (and shop! haha). On the way back to the hotel, we made on last stop in the vinyl stores close to Shinjuku station. They have a great selection, so if you are into vinyls and their unique sound, you should look around the many stores in Tokyo.  

When we were back in the hotel, we got ready for our last dinner in Tokyo in the hotel restaurant, District, on the 2nd floor. We had a 5 course “Chelsea” menu with many nice dishes and an incredible main, which was the Wagyu steak with risotto. Really delicious! The team was so great and very attentive and even followed us to the elevator to wave goodbye. I was an excellent farewell dinner, where we could sit and talk about our many experiences over the past weeks.  

The last day, we went to Shibuya scramble to see the chaos and visited Shibuya sky for some Tokyo views. After that, we returned to our room to pack and relax before our long trip back to Copenhagen. Luckily, the excellent staff at Kimpton, who made our stay so special, helped with a late check out, so we had no stress before leaving for the airport.  

We finally got to experience why people say that Japan is a truly a special place.

We fell in love with the country, and we would relish to return very soon.  

The hotel:

Our suite:

Suite view:

Breakfast at District:

Dinner at District:

Drinks at Rooftop Bar 86:

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