Oct 24, 2017

The Grand Mykonos Hotel & Resort

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I must admit that leaving Mykonos was one of the hardest things we needed to do on our Greece trip and we totally blame Mykonos Grand Hotel for this. The resort was our home for the last days on the island, and what a home! The resort is a very well-known 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos and with its amazing beach front, it is one of the small luxury hotels in Greece.

On the day we checked in at the hotel, we were picked up by the hotel at a place of our choice and bought to the resort where we were welcomed with bubbles and this incredible view, impossible to describe with words! While enjoying the bubbles, we were guided by the helpful staff, who gave us an introduction to the facilities of the resort, recommended places to visit in the area and around the island and great restaurant tips.

We felt so welcome and excited about our stay and we could not hide our smiles when we arrived at our ENORMOUS room and found this welcome gift with fresh fruits, champagne and this typical Greek drink called Mastic.

The place greatly exceeded our expectations with these two big balconies with sea view, a big living room, a fantastic closet, two bathrooms, a steam room and an incredibly big terrace with a view of the island and the sea, it was fantastic to sunbathe, listen to music and simply enjoy all the beauty of the surroundings. The terrace even had a small chapel, it was fabulous!

During our days in Mykonos Grand we enjoyed the resort and the area around it so much that we didn’t even have time to go to the city. The place is like a small city with its own private beach, restaurants, tennis courts, spa and fitness, so really everything you want is there! One of the days we walked around to see the area since Mykonos Grand is located on the other side of the island than where we spent the first days, so we went to Ornos Beach, which is within walking distance and really beautiful.

In our first night, we had dinner at the hotel restaurant, Dolphin of Delos, to enjoy their open-air panoramic sea view and the delicious meals made with herbs and ingredients all sourced from their garden and Greece. The same restaurant offers the hotel breakfast, and what a breakfast! Perfect food, view and service!

The next day I of course tried one of the treatments of the fabulous Althea Spa in resort, named after the Greek Goddess of healing. The spa is located opposite the sacred island of Delos, one of the sunniest areas in the world. Due to large amount of sunshine, it is a place of high concentration of cosmic energy and, per Greek Mythology, the god Apollo was born there. The spa has been created as a purely sensory experience, using all-natural treatments brought together from the ancient health and beauty traditions of Greece. Treatments are authentic with therapeutic value designed to soothe, pamper, de-stress and re-invigorate. They have a very wide menu of different treatments and massages, I chose the Aloe Vera treatment and what a nice choice!

I had the best 2 hours while moisturising my skin. I was needing this a lot and I felt so good after!

Continuing our journey in this amazing place we of course relaxed by their pool and enjoyed that amazing view…the sunset in this part of the island is so special. On our last day, after enjoying the delicious breakfast, it was time to explore the beach of the hotel, as you can see in our pictures, it was a unique and memorable experience that we will definitely never forget.

We left Mykonos, and Grand Mykonos Hotel & Resort, full of energy and with our soulsreinvigorated. We already miss this place!!!

If you are going to Mykonos and you are looking for an experience to remember forever, this the place!

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort



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