Mar 03, 2018

The Northen Lights Village experience

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From sunny Brazil to a winter wonderland in Lapland.

Going from one extreme to another was exactly what we did when we left Brazil, unpacked our flip flops, shorts and bikini in Copenhagen and immediately packed big jackets, warm gloves and winter boots before catching the flight to Lapland in Finland.

As you know, I am born a summer girl and never knew anything else than 30 degrees for many years in my life. Therefore, it was perhaps a little crazy when I suggested that we should go to the Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä in the Northern part of Finland. Time would tell that it was a perfect decision, as we had the most incredible weekend there. The place is full of these cute small cabins with windows facing the sky, so you can lie down in the bed and, hopefully, enjoy the northern lights. The place is so peaceful and quiet, so when you go for a walk the only thing you can hear is your own squeaky footsteps in the snow, it is simply amazing.

We had only planned a weekend trip, so our days were packed with some of the amazing activities that the Northern Lights Village offer.

The first full day we had there started with a nice breakfast in the large cabin. This is the place where everybody gathers for meals or to get some heat next to the fireplace with a warm cup of tea or coffee after adventures in the snow.

After this we went for a husky ride in the beautiful nature. It was extremely fun to ride the sleigh and follow the cute – and absolutely crazy huskies. They are so eager to run, so when we took small breaks they were ready to run at full power, which was so much fun. After returning to the starting point we had the chance to give the huskies some hugs and say thank you for the ride. They were so cute that we were considering bringing them home, haha

Next up was a tour with the reindeers, which was a little more relaxing than the huskies, but still amazing to see the nature and these incredible creatures.

In the night, we wanted a special experience, so we booked a table in the Ice Restaurant, which basically was a giant igloo with ice tables and bars. I was an exceptional experience to enjoy a 3-course dinner under these circumstances, there was definitely no need to ask for ice cubes in the drinks! The food was really nice and we got to taste a delicious soup, very tender reindeer steaks and a tasty cheesecake. After finishing our meal, we of course ran to the cabin for some heat and tea, haha!

The main reason we went to the Northern Lights Village was to get a glimpse of the northern lights. Unfortunately, we were unlucky that it was cloudy the two days we visited. Despite that we had an amazing and unique stay and we have absolutely no problem with coming back to try and see if we can be lucky enough to see the famous lights.

Thank you so much Northern Lights Village, we cannot wait to return!

The cabin:

The Breakfast:

The Husky Safari:

Reeinder Safari:

The Village:

The Ice Restaurant:

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