Dec 23, 2019

The Taj Mahal

Next stop on our India trip led us to Agra, home one of the 7 wonders of the World, Taj Mahal. To go there we looked at several options, should we take a taxi or Uber? should we rent a car? (driving in left side of the road was maybe too difficult). Finally, we decided to book a tour with Trinetra Tours to be sure we were taken well care of. They planned the transport from our hotel in Delhi to Agra and arranged a guide to take us to all the famous sites in Agra, with the pinnacle of course being visiting Taj Mahal in the early morning. The whole experience was excellent and relaxing, and we got the most out of our visit.

Although it was a relatively short visit, India was so memorable, and we cannot wait to come back and explore more areas of the country.


Other places we visited in Agra:

Agra Fort:


Tomb of Etmaduddaula (Little Taj Mahal):

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