Jun 10, 2023

The unforgettable Suiran, a luxury collection hotel

Our second stop in Kyoto was the incredible Suiran, a luxury collection hotel, idyllically located next to the Katsura river and Kameyama Park, where the Arashiyama Bamboo Forrest is found. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by super lovely Miyu who I had been arranging our stay with. It was very nice to finally meet her in person along with all the other super friendly people from the team.  

We were really excited about our days in Suiran. The hotel is in the outskirts of the city, close to the most beautiful nature, which made it perfect for disconnecting while enjoying beautiful Kyoto.  

Our room was very spacious with a characteristic Japanese design and a nice private garden with a hinoki – Japanese wooden bathtub for outdoor hot spring bath, all very soothing and exactly what we were looking to find. Shortly after arriving we were invited for the daily happy hour in the small café close to the hotel entrance where guests can go at 5 pm every day for a drink and some snacks while enjoying the view of the river and forest – a ritual we really enjoyed! Cafe Hassui is housed in a 100-year-old building that was erected for 19th-century poets, and much of the original artwork remains, along with a collection of calligraphic poems composed on the walls. The gentle whisper of the river below and the ever-changing seasonal landscape continues to inspire today.

In the night, we had the pleasure to experience the tasting menu in the hotel restaurant, Kyo-Suiran, which was an absolute treat! Everything was so delicious, and we got to taste some new things we had never tried before. Originally erected in 1899 as Baron Shozo Kawasaki’s summerhouse, Kyo-Suiran combines Meiji Era architecture with contemporary lighting and seating for remarkably authentic and comfortable dining experiences, like the one we had. It was a great first day with everything we hoped for. 

Next morning, we decided to walk to the nearby Arashiyama bamboo forest (only 10 minutes from Suiran) before it got too crowded, which was a very beautiful and serene experience. We had of course seen pictures from there, but it was quite special to be there in person and be surrounded by these massive plants. The only problem was that the weather was not the best, so we ended up coming back the day after to experience it sunlight and to get the perfect pictures.  

After our first visit to the bamboos, we went back for a lovely breakfast in the hotel restaurant with a great spread of delicious breads, juices eggs. We needed this energy to go back into the nature where we went to the nearby viewpoint to get an amazing view of the Katsura river. The rest of the day, we went exploring a bit in the area and of course went for the daily drinks in the café before we visited the hotel restaurant again for dinner. That night, we had the a la carte options and both chose the most amazing Wagyu steak – it was so tender it melted in the mouth, mmm!  

Following another incredible dinner, we went for night walk to digest the food and visited the Kimono Forest, just 5 minutes from the hotel, where the cosy local train station is also located. Everything in the area is so nice and calm and we really felt at peace when wandering slowly around.  

On our final morning, we had asked for in-room Japanese breakfast, which was so delicious. The weather was perfect in the morning, so we decided to sit outside and enjoy our last hours in Kyoto. It was a perfect and peaceful farewell to this incredible city and the likewise incredible Suiran hotel. 

We were sad to leave, but we brought some incredible memories with us, and we have a strong feeling that we will return one day. If you want to experience the essence of Kyoto, Suiran is an excellent place to do just this! 

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