Aug 21, 2016

Vlaamse frites in Amsterdam

fries 2


On the list of things to try in Amsterdam, you’ll find that one of the first ones is their famous fries. Amsterdam is home to several friteries, serving these delicious fries known as Vlaamse frites.  The fries are generally served in paper cups and they are generously covered with mayonnaise, or if you wanna be more adventurous there are more exotic options, for example curry, chilli or cheddar. The fries are not served in fancy restaurants, but instead found on every street corner of the city centre, so you can quickly choose what you want and bring them with you to enjoy sitting close to the canals or eating while walking.  I would recommend just breaking your diet for some minutes, so you can try these. Just make sure you only try once and don’t end up getting addicted. hehe

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