Mar 12, 2016



If there is something I know about Copenhagen it is that when spring is coming, you better go out, because this is a fantastic season to explore the city. This week I stopped by in The Union Kitchen to have lunch with my friend Jovita and it was simply amazing. First of all, the place has a fabulous cuisine offering a lot of differet specialities. We decided to first try their Chicken and waffle and then we tasted the delicious toasted rye bread with avocado. However, I have to admit that my advice for you when you go there is: Please, try their eggs benedict, it’s the best one I have ever tried. So Yummy! Secondly, the place is amazing and the service is lovely. If you live in Copenhagen or if you are planning to come here for Spring or Summer, promise me to go and try this place and let me know what you thought. I’m sure you will love it like I did!






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